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Upstate Research for Medical Students

Are you planning to take on Research now, in the near future, or later on? Have you already started but want to know more about what is coming and where to find important information? Then this new Resource for Upstate Medical Students is all you need to start your Research journey.

This is a new Brightspace resource that is available now to Upstate medical students interested in research. This is a repository of materials that will be helpful to students at any stage of a project, and many of the topics covered will be of particular benefit to students with little to no previous research background.

To check out Upstate Research for Medical Students, you can self-enroll in the course on Brightspace by following the instructions included below.

Options for enrolling in Upstate Research for Medical Students

Option 1

From the Brightspace Homepage, follow these instructions:

Discover > Search > "Upstate Research for Medical Students" > Enroll

Option 2

Click on the link below:

Upstate Research for Medical Students