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Residency Planning Timeline


  • MS3 Class Meeting held
  • ERAS tokens sent via email
  • TexasStar database access granted
  • Mid-April: MSPE Process Advisors assigned
  • By end of April: Upload Draft CV and Personal Statement into MyUpstate
  • By end of April: Schedule May-June Appt. with MSPE Process Advisors
  • By end of April: Complete On-line MSPE worksheet in MyUpstate
  • Register for Step 2 CK and CS (take by December 1)


  • By Early May (if not already done): Have Draft CV and Personal Statement attached into MyUpstate
  • Schedule May-June Appt. with MSPE Process Advisors
  • Meet with Specialty Advisors
  • Review Transcript/Narratives for accuracy/Typos
  • MSPE Appointments beginning Mid-May
  • Meet with MSPE Process Advisors


  • Meet with MSPE Process Advisors
  • Begin Requesting Letters of Recommendations
  • Registration for SFMatch (Ophthalmology) in June
  • Register for Urology Match early June
  • Begin to research Residency programs: FREIDA ; CiM
  • “Decision” Electives


  • Request Letters of Recommendations
  • MSPE’s completed by MSPE Process Advisors July 15th
  • Track & Confirm “Designated” LOR’s via MyERAS
  • Confirm Step 2 test date
  • Continue to Research Residency Programs via FREIDA and CiM
  • Military Applicants Apply to Positions
  • Submit photo into ERAS
  • Complete ERAS Transcript Request on MyUpstate


  • Follow-up & confirm receipt of LOR’s – monitor in MyERAS Letter of Recommendation section
  • Complete & Send ERAS Residency Applications: ERAS opens to programs on September 15th
  • Register for SF Match (Ophthalmology) (www.sfmatch.org)
  • Canadian Match Registration Opens mid-month (www.carms.ca)
  • Aug. - Early Sept. = Review MSPE when prompted by Student Affairs


  • Register for the “Match” (NRMP) beginning September 15th (www.nrmp.org)
  • Continue to apply to programs: Suggest completion by September 15th
  • Follow-up & Confirm Receipt of LOR’s – Monitor in MyERAS Letter of Recommendation section
  • Sept. – Nov. = Most ideal time to sit for Step 2 CK & CS (Must be taken by December 1)
  • SF Match (Ophtho) application submission target date September 6th


  • MSPE Released October 1st. FOR ALL MATCH PROGRAMS
  • Interview Invitations may begin to trickle in
  • Military Rank Order lists due mid-month


  • Sit for Step 2 CK & CS (Must take by December 1)
  • Interview “Season” in full swing
  • Inform Student Affairs of how many interviews you have scheduled
  • November 30th = NRMP Registration Deadline!


  • Interviews
  • Ophthalmology Match Rank Order List submission begins
  • Military Match Results Mid-Month


  • Interviews continue
  • NRMP Rank Order List system opens Mid-January (exact date TBD)
  • SF Match (Ophtho) Rank Order List Due/Results released (exact dates TBD)
  • Urology Rank List Due & Results released (exact dates TBD)


  • Mid-End of February (exact date TBD) = Last Day to Enter & Certify Rank Order List
  • Canadian Match Rank Order List Due early February/Results Early March


  • Entire Month – Transition Into Residency
  • Monday of Match Week - Match or No Match Notification.  SOAP begins
  • Dinner Dance
  • Third Friday in March – MATCH DAY!