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Center for Civic Engagement

Our Norton College of Medicine students are involved in a variety of outreach and volunteer activities. These provide them experiences outside of the hospital and an opportunity to help the community.

That "community" can be a few blocks away at a school... or the next county over in a migrant worker camp... or halfway around the world at a free clinic-wherever help is needed.

Our Center for Civic Engagement office is part of the Division of Student Affairs, located in Weiskotten Hall.

students who volunteered at migrant camp clinics
Back Row (Left to Right): Carla Schwartz (MSII), Natallia Fiadorchanka (MSII), Jeff Robin (MSII), Ambrish Patel (MSII), Todd Michaelis (MSII), Brian Buckley (MSI), Britton Chan (MSIV)
Front Row (from Left to Right): Melsi Shkullaku (MSII), Mikki Kollisch (MSII), Brittney Williams (MSII), Jenn Makin (MSI)
Missing: Julia Cowden (MSII), Amanda Brahm (MSII)

SUNY Upstate medical students-like this group from the summer of 2008, see patients every summer and early fall in the migrant clinic program at farms throughout Central New York.