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SUNY Upstate Medical University Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Gamma Chapter Research Resources for Medical Students

Our Office has partnered with the Alpha Omega Alpha Gamma Chapter at SUNY Upstate Medical University. To identify additional research opportunities, email or contact any Class of 2021 AOA Member.

The SUNY Upstate Medical University Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA), Gamma Chapter, is committed to carrying out the mission of AOA by working with the Office of Research for Medical Students. Through this partnership, AOA students and residents will:

  • work to assist students in finding academic clinical and basic science research projects
  • assist with any associated questions or concerns
  • provide mentorship opportunities

To find out more about the AOA and the Gamma Chapter at SUNY Upstate, see: http://www.upstate.edu/com/special_opps/aoa.php

Upstate has identified its candidate for the 2020 AOA Carolyn Kuckein Student Research Fellowship. Applications for the 2021 fellowship will be due internally in early January 2021.