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Medical Student Research News

2019 Summer Fellow Katherine Schumacher presents at the Orthopaedic Research Society 2020 Annual Meeting

Katie's poster presentationKatherine Schumacher, 2019 College of Medicine Summer Fellow, presented a poster presentation of her summmer research, "Validation of Triage Tool for Low-Grade Cartilage Tumors: Four-Quadrant Approach" at the Orthopaedic Research Society 2020 Annual Meeting.

Congratulations Katherine, and thank you to her mentor, Tim Damron, on this achievement!
Publication Date: 3/4/2020

2019 Summer Medical Student Researchers Gregory Wetmore and Scott Cooper Abstract Accepted for Oral Presentation at the prestigious October 2019 Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)

Please join us in extending our congratulations to Gregory and Scott on having their abstract, "Using Expiratory Flow To Personalize Tidal Volume in Acute Lung Injury" accepted for oral presentation at the prestigious Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) this coming October!

Gregory and Scott worked in the lab of Gary Nieman. Gary is an Associate Professor and Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Surgery. Gary is also the director of the Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care Laboratory.

Congratulations Gregory and Scott, and thank you to their mentor, Gary Nieman, on this achievement!
Publication Date: 8/24/2019


Upstate Medical Univeristy MSIII Students Christina Marcelus and Daniel Lichtenstein selected as NIH Medical Research Scholars! 

Please join us in extending our congratulations to Christina and Daniel on being selected for the 2019 Medical Research Scholars Program!!

The Medical Research Scholars Program is a highly selective, prestigious research training program. The year-long research program allows medical, dental and veterinary students to take a one-year leave from their studies to conduct basic, clinical or translational research work.

Christina and Daniel will begin their research program in July, at the NIH Cinical Campus in Bethesda, Maryland.

For more information about Christina and Daniel, and the Medical Research Scholars Program see the full Upstate Medical University press release.
Publication Date: 6/12/2019


Congratulations 2019 Summer Fellows!

Join us in congratulating our 13 Summer Fellows: 

Alyssa Purdy, Ben Jung, Ben Kaminski, Brandon Zaffuto, Casey Mohrien, Dominic Facciponte, Jaimie Rogner, Jamie (Jimin) Lee, Julian Sit, Katie Schumacher, Mahin Choudhury, Megan Tatusko, and Neesha Desai!

This year the summer research of 13 first-year Medical Students was made possible by the College of Medicine, the Upstate Cancer Center, and the Upstate Foundation.

The 2019 Summer Fellows, together with their mentors, are engaged in 8-week research projects that span a multitude of research areas. Students conduct basic, clinical, and public health research throughout the Human Institute for Performance, the Cancer Center, Upstate Center for Vision Care, the Joslin Diabetes Center, the Center for Global Health, Kisumu, Kenya, and more!

We wish you the best of luck with your research this summer! 

2019 Fellow



Alyssa Purdy

Andrea Shaw, MD

An Evaluation of the Utilization of GeneXpert for Tuberculosis Diagnosis

Benjamin (Ben) Jung

William Brunken, PhD

Reyna Martiez-DeLuna, PhD

The role of b2- and g3-containing laminins in development of the intrinsically photosensitive ganglion cell mosaic array

Benjamin (Ben) Kaminski

Peter Calvert, PhD

Quantifying Rod Photoreceptor Disc Membrane Disorganization Through Analysis of Rhodopsin Polarity

Brandon Zaffuto

Ruth Weinstock, MD, PhD

Glycemic Outcomes after Identification of Depression in Adults with Type 1 Diabetes

Casey Mohrien

Andrea Shaw, MD

Analysis of Feto-Infant Mortality in the Seme and Kisumu West Sub-Counties of Kisumu County, Kenya

Dominic Facciponte

Michael Costanza, MD

Identifying risk factors that determine which dialysis patients are better served with an arteriovenous graft versus an arteriovenous fistula on long-term hemodialysis

Jaimie Rogner

Ma-Li Wong, MD, PhD

Caspase 1 Modulation of S100A10/P11 Actions in Depression

Jamie (Jimin) Lee

Christopher Prendergast, MD

Congenial Heart Disease continuation of care and care improvement

Julian Sit

Mehdi Mollapour, PhD

Impact of FNIP co-chaperones on Hsp90 chaperone function and drug binding in kidney cancer

Katie Schumacher

Timothy (Tim) Damron, MD

Four Quadrant Triage Management of Low-Grade Hyaline Cartilage Tumors

Mahin Choudhury

Eduardo Solessio, PhD

Characterizing the retinal structure and function in the GNAT2Ko mouse model of achromatpsia

Megan Tatusko

Kenneth Mann, PhD

Alterations in Cement-Bone Interface Morphology Following Joint Replacement in 9 month old rats

Neesha Desai

Donna Osterhout, PhD

Evaluation of cABC treatment on Oligodendroglia in Chronic SCI

Publication Date: 6/20/2019