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Medical Student Research Microcredential

Contact: Katie Stuenzi Project Manager
Location: Office of the Dean, NCOM
Email: [email protected]

The purpose of the Medical Student Research Microcredential is to recognize medical students who gain research experience or participate in research in a meaningful way with a faculty member during medical school. Students are expected to produce a final report summarizing their research. Students are required to produce a scholarly work and must apply to present their research at an annual institutional, national, or international meeting.


This microcredential is not offered to medical students who are concurrently enrolled in a dual degree that requires doing research as part of completing the second degree (e.g. MD/PhD). Students must work with at least one Upstate faculty mentor to be eligible for this microcredential.


Minimum time required is 240 hours of effort. This includes research activities the student will undertake that are essential for meaningful and successful completions or their research project including hands-on research as well as participation in departmental, mentor-student meetings, or courses. We would expect an average of 40 hours per week (min 6 weeks of continuous research) up to an average minimum effort of 4 hours per week for 12 months during the period of 1-2 years).

Required Application Materials 

  • Updated CV
  • Research summary or report
  • Scholary work detailed (publications, presentations etc) include PDFs of posters and links to publications
  • Registrar transcript with grade and/or PI attestation of hours and level of participation
  • Letter of recommendation from at least one research mentor
  • Statement of your future plans 

How to apply:  Apply and upload supporting documents on InfoReady using this link

Micro-Credentialing - Medical Student Research

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