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Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Research for Medical Students is Upstate Medical University's student research one-stop shop. We provide information about active research projects available to students; mentorship in connecting students to faculty mentors and in how to build mentor relationships; we identifying and match students to projects; and provide support and guidance for all things research-related: liaise with experts on publication, analysis of data, lab practices, and more.

Below some of the most common questions student researchers have when exploring research opportunities and offerings. Please contact the Office of Research for Medical Students with any questions, clarifications or to meet with Dr. Dimitra Bourboulia.

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How to Contact The Office of Research for Medical Students

Email [email protected] or Katie Stuenzi at [email protected] with any inquires, if you want to plan your research and find research opportunities, a faculty mentor, or to meet with Dr. Dimitra Bourboulia.

What Research Opportunities are Available to Students?

Research opportunities are available to students at Upstate, off-campus and in external institutions. The ORMS identifies these opportunities and provides details to students who are interested in conducting research.

SUNY Upstate Medical University has over 35 research departments/divisionsfor students to participate in basic, clinical, and translational innovative and impactful research projects. Upstate Faculty provide one-to-one mentorship and guidance for successful completion of the research project.

Upstate's research facilities include departmental core research facilities, centers, and institutions. A small sampling of the specialized centers and institutes Upstate offers include the Upstate Center for Vision Research, Upstate Cancer Center, Institute for Global Health & Translational Science, Institute for Human Performance, Upstate Brain & Spine Center, and more.

First year Medical Students can apply to the College of Medicine Summer Fellowship Program, an eight week summer research program that takes place the summer between years 1 and 2. Twelve fellowships with a $3,500 stipend are awarded to students to conduct mentored summer research on campus with Upstate Faculty.

In addition to our Fellowship, there are other Fellowship and Award opportunities that are available through Foundations and other external programs. Our Office provides details of those opportunities throughout the year.

We also encourage students to explore National Institutes of Health (NIH) Opportunities.

Where can I find More Information About Research Opportunities?

The Office of Research for Medical Students works to provide students with the latest and most current research opportunities. Visit our website and see our weekly newsletter for the most current internal and external opportunities.

Learn more about externally funded and travel opportunities.

To learn more about the College of Medicine Summer Fellowship Program, contact: [email protected]

Where can I do Research?

Upstate Medical University students conduct research at Upstate, local hospitals, as well as nationally and internationally at various centers, institutes, hospitals and campuses.  Additionally, projects can also be conducted remotely, providing flexibility and accessibilty for diverse research opportunities.

How do I find a Mentor?

Finding a mentor is one of the most important endeavors you will undertake in not only your research journey, but in your medical career.

Our Office provides the support and guidance needed to help you explore your research interests, identify mentors and to build mentor relationships. We encourage you to visit our Office to plan your research, explore your interests and to work together to identify and connect with a mentor.

Can I get paid to do Research?

Yes! Summer Federal Work Study is an opportunity unique to Upstate Medical University for students to conduct paid research during the summer. Students are asked to refer to Brightspace as it is the best resource for any students interested in the Summer Federal Work Study program.

The College of Medicine Summer Fellowship Program is also a paid summer research opportunity available to students who apply and are awarded Fellowships. For more information, contact [email protected]

Can I get credits for Research?

Yes! Please contact Undergraduate Medical Education for more information regarding Unique Electives.