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Diversity Statement

The College of Medicine (COM) of Upstate Medical University commits to creating and sustaining an environment that is equitable, respectful and free from prejudice for students, faculty, staff, patients, families, and members of our community. It is our policy to promote a diverse and inclusive campus, through recruitment of faculty and staff, admissions initiatives, and support programs. We are committed to addressing the shortage of doctors in small communities and rural areas in our region, and in urban underserved communities.

We promote the values of diversity and inclusion throughout the mission of the university and in the various functions supporting those missions. Diversity adds value to the learning environment of our students, and we believe it will enhance their commitment to addressing inequities in healthcare.

Our policy directs our efforts toward the following:

  • Recruitment of a diverse faculty and staff through Human Resources search efforts, hiring policies and procedures (http://www.upstate.edu/diversityinclusion)
  • Student diversity. We have defined elements of diversity in our student body that will enhance our ability to meet our missions as a regional academic health center in central New York. In the College of Medicine, these elements include race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, and geographic location in the state of New York. We believe that a diverse student body defined along these domains will best support our mission to serve the central New York community as a regional academic medical center serving its surrounding population.