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Transfer Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the education of medical students nationally and globally. We have received numerous inquiries in regards to transferring to the SUNY Upstate Medical University. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept applications for transfer at this time. 

Students interested in transferring into SUNY Upstate Medical University's College of Medicine must be United States citizens or permanent residents. To be eligible for transfer, students must be currently enrolled and in good-standing at an LCME-accredited medical school or a foreign medical school listed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

They must have completed all pre-med prerequisites at an accredited college in the United States or Canada, and have met all first-year entrance requirements, including having taken the MCAT. Most importantly, they must take and pass USMLE Part I prior to interviewing. We will not consider any transfer applicant without the USMLE Part I score. There are no exceptions to this. Individuals who have already earned an MD degree are not eligible to transfer.

Applicants do NOT apply through AMCAS but rather need only complete our online application. The application process is outlined below. If Accepted, applicants will be admitted into the third year class. 

The Admissions Committee takes into consideration as much information as possible that delineates an applicant's total qualifications for the study and practice of medicine. Decisions are influenced by a review of college records, medical school records, letters of recommendation, USMLE Step 1 scores, MCAT scores and other personal data—character, communication skills, personal experiences and scholastic and scientific aptitude.

Transfer Process

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Letters of Recommendation

  • A letter of recommendation from the applicants premedical college's Health Professions Advisory Committee must be forwarded to us. If the premedical college does not have a pre-health committee, then letters from faculty members in two different departments under whom courses have been taken will be acceptable (one of them must be from a science faculty).
  • A letter of recommendation from the Dean of Student Affairs at the medical school you are attending is required and must include certification that you are in good standing and eligible for promotion.
  • If you have completed a clinical experience in the United States, the person who supervised your work should forward a letter of recommendation to our Admissions Committee.

Admissions Requirements

Only applicants who qualify for admission to the first-year class, in terms of premedical education, will be considered for admission to the third-year class. Applicants must have the following prerequisite courses:

  • General Biology I & II w/labs (6-8 semesters hours)
  • General Chemistry I & II w/labs (6-8 semesters hours)
  • Organic Chemistry I w/lab (3-4 semester hours)
  • Biochemistry (3-4 semester hours)
  • General Physics I & II w/labs (6-8 semesters hours)
  • Writing/Composition (3 semester hours)
  • English elective (3 semester hours)
  • Statistics (3 semester hours)

Professional Education

In addition to meeting all premedical requirements, transfer applicants to the third-year class must have satisfactorily completed all courses, or the equivalent, which comprise the first two years of the curriculum at Upstate.

Test and Exam Scores

  • Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT): must be taken and the scores submitted to the Admissions Committee. Admission preference will be given to applicants who have scores within five years of the date of the transfer application.
  • United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1: applicants applying for transfer to our College of Medicine must submit passing scores from the Step 1 USMLE no later than May 15.

Official College Transcripts

Official transcripts from all undergraduate, graduate, and professional course work are required.

Personal Interview

Invitations for a personal interview are issued only to those whose academic records and other qualifications appear sufficiently strong to justify more detailed study. The interview provides a means for both the school and the applicant to learn more about each other. It also provides an opportunity for discussion and clarification of information submitted on the application form regarding academic record, extracurricular interests, etc. Interviews will be in early April.

Application Procedures

The following procedures must be followed:

  • Submit a Transfer Application, and all required application materials no later than April 1st of the year for which admission is desired.
    • The Transfer Application can be found in the drop down menu under graduate programs.
  • Submit a Personal Statement. We are interested in why you want to transfer to Upstate's College of Medicine.
  • A non-refundable application fee of $110 must be submitted with the application.
  • You must submit official transcripts from all undergraduate, graduate and medical colleges attended.
  • You must forward an official letter of recommendation from your Health Professions Advisory Committee. In the absence of such a committee, letters from faculty members in two different premedical science (biology, chemistry, physics) departments under whom courses have been taken will be acceptable. You may also submit additional letters of recommendation from your medical school faculty.
  • Forward an official letter of recommendation from the Dean of Student Affairs at your medical school.
  • Forward official scores of your Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT).
  • If you have completed a clinical experience in the United States, the person who supervised your work should forward a letter of recommendation to our College of Medicine.
  • Decisions will be sent out in late April.
  • Clinical Orientation for admitted students will be May 21 for the Syracuse Campus, Clinical Orientation for the Binghamton Campus will be held in early June.

Accepted applicants are required to submit official score reports from USMLE Step 1. Acceptance to the third year is conditional upon receipt of a passing score by May 15.