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Upstate Accelerated Scholars FAQs


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Who can apply for Upstate Accelerated Scholars (UAS)?

Each partner institution has different criteria/timelines identified for submitting the application for consideration.  The application to/for these institutions comes first and those institutions must recommend students to be considered for Upstate Accelerated Scholars within the appropriate timeline.

What if I’m interested in applying through multiple schools?

You are welcome to apply to as many partner institutions as you would like and are eligible for. The undergraduate partners complete the first review, and forward their recommendations to Upstate for consideration and a final review process.

Students will then be contacted directly by the admissions team at Upstate to interview for the school that Upstate's College of Medicine Admissions Committee chooses to interview the candidate for. You may be selected to interview for one school, at our discretion, and will be contact via email directly. Please only apply to undergraduate partners that you would be happy to attend.

What can I major in at the partner undergraduate?

This varies by institution, however the medical school prerequisite courses all are required.

What are the prerequisite courses to medical school?

What is in the interview process?

We are required to exactly mirror the medical school interview process.  We participate in the multi-mini interview process (MMI).

What is a multi-mini interview (MMI) process?

The MMI is an interview format that uses many short independent assessments, typically in a timed circuit, to obtain an aggregate score of each candidate's soft skills.

Do I have to submit an AMCAS application?

Only if you are accepted and only a ‘Special Programs’ application is due the year prior to matriculation. Thorough directions will be provided.

Accepted Students

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What are the conditions of my acceptance to SUNY Upstate Medical University MD Program through the UAS Program?

The conditions of your acceptance will be plainly laid out in your acceptance letter.  You will be bound to these conditions particularly, so please review them carefully.

Can I retake a class to obtain the required minimum score?

If you fall below the certain letter grade or required GPA, your acceptance will be rescinded (extraordinary circumstances considered) and you will not be able to maintain your acceptance by retaking the class.


What are the summer opportunities as an Upstate Accelerated Scholars student?

At Upstate, upon acceptance, beginning for many the summer after freshmen year (note: some schools have adjusted UAS timelines), you will participate in summer programming at Upstate.  Programming is built around the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Core Competencies for Entering Medical Students https://www.aamc.org/admissions/dataandresearch/477182/corecompetencies.html

 Though the programming is required of the program, travel to the on-campus components is only strongly recommended. Housing at Upstate will be provided.

Summer One (After freshmen year) – Online Module

Summer Two - Online module, one-week on-campus session

Summer Three – Online module, one-week on-campus session

Summer Four (Summer of matriculation) – Online module, two-week on-campus session

If I graduate early, can I matriculate to Upstate sooner?

No. Because seats in each entering class are limited (160 students a year) and of those a specific number of seats are held in advance for early assurance students, we must require you to come the year you were accepted.  If students graduate early, they are welcome to take a gap year prior to their anticipated matriculation year.

Can I change my major from the major which I intended/was accepted to UAS in?

Yes, but we ask that students “test the water” for a semester or two before doing so IF the agreement is only for students within specific majors.