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Upstate MCAT Guide

Download a copy of the Upstate MCAT guide

Over the course of the past years, it has become more evident that though Upstate is an upper-division transfer and medical/graduate institution, there is an increased need for proactive high-stakes examination preparation, particularly on the MCAT exam and related/relevant content. Standardized exams are not simply a tool of admissions, they are used as a measure function of program success and retention and produce ripples that persist beyond graduation to residency and board certification.

While there are many MCAT preparation options, the cost of these resources can be an incredible barrier to an overwhelming number of our students. Therefore, we are happy to provide prospective and current students that are considering an application to medical school with a guidebook on the components of the MCAT and a guide to strategize and prepare utilizing no or low-cost resources.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Ripa, Director of Special Admissions Programs at [email protected]