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Interview Day

Invitations for a personal interview are given to applicants whose academic records and other qualifications appear sufficiently competitive to merit further consideration. Each year approximately 750 students are invited to interview.

Upstate Medical University uses the Multi Mini-Interview process for interviews. The MMI interview process divides the traditional medical school interview into a series of brief, carefully timed interview stations designed to assess specific skills and qualities by presenting the applicant with a question, scenario, or task. This format provides applicants the opportunity to meet with several interviewers and gives them a chance to interact with students, faculty, administrators and physicians. In addition to the interview sessions, applicants will have an opportunity to sit in on classes, have lunch and a tour of campus with current medical students.

"The thing that made my 4 years at Upstate so wonderful was the culture that exists within the school. From my first day to the last, the students, faculty, and administration went above and beyond to ensure that I succeed in my journey to becoming a physician. I couldn't imagine studying anywhere else."

Syed Hassan Class of 2018

Interviews are conducted on Mondays and Wednesdays beginning in September and continuing until early March. Interview attendees will be informed of the exact arrival time prior to the interview. It is safe to make travel plans on the assumption that 8:30 am would be the earliest you would need to arrive on campus and that your day should conclude around 3:30 pm.

Parking is available on campus for a fee ($14). The weather in Syracuse can sometimes be a bit unpredictable (yes, it snows in Syracuse) so be sure to check the forecast and dress appropriately. You may want to consider parking in the pay parking garage located across the street from Crouse Hospital (736 Irving Avenue, Syracuse, NY).  It’s a short walk from the parking garage to Weiskotten Hall (766 Irving Ave.)

An acceptance decision is made after careful consideration of an applicants qualifications subsequent to the interview. Students are notified as soon as a decision is made, typically 4-5 weeks following the interview.