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We require the following prerequisite courses:

  • General Biology I & II w/labs
  • General Chemistry I & II w/labs
  • Organic Chemistry I w/lab
  • Biochemistry*
  • General Physics I & II w/labs**
  • Statistics*** (3hrs)
  • English Elective (3hrs)
  • English Composition or Writing Course (3hrs)

- Applicants can apply without having completed all the prerequisites however, if accepted, it would be on the condition that any outstanding required courses be successfully completed prior to enrolling.

* Organic Chemistry II will not meet the Biochemistry prerequisite.

** While it is recommended, we do not require your Physics courses be calculus-based unlike other medical schools.

*** Calculus will not meet the statistics prerequisite.

Recommended courses:

  • Genetics
  • Physiology
  • Cell Biology
  • Social Sciences