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Office of Student Affairs

The mission of the Office of Student Affairs at the Binghamton Campus is to assist, recruit and educate a diverse group of future physicians who will aspire to and maintain the highest standards of excellence in their personal and professional lives. Within the Office of Student Affairs, we strive to provide an atmosphere of support and resources that will enable each student to successfully complete the requirements for the MD degree.

The office works closely with the Student Affairs team in Syracuse to provide you with all aspects of advising from electives to residency planning, to relocation assistance and adjustment to living in the Greater Binghamton Region.

We look forward to helping you pave the way to future fulfillment and success, and please feel free to stop by should you have questions or concerns.

Selection of Students for the Binghamton Campus

All College of Medicine students spend their first two years at SUNY Upstate Medical University-Syracuse Campus. Approximately one-quarter of the entering class of 160 students will spend the third year at the Binghamton Clinical Campus, with some choosing to stay for their fourth year.

Soon after the admissions interview, each applicant is asked to indicate a campus preference, Syracuse or Binghamton. The admissions committee reviews applications, blind to the campus preference. Upon acceptance to the College of Medicine, the applicant's preference will be taken into account and a campus assigned.

Students who spend their third and fourth years at the Binghamton Campus live off campus and must have cars. Clinical campus staff help students find housing and adjust to life in a new city.


Binghamton Campus Student Affairs Office Contacts
Holly J. Horn, MS, MBA
Director of Student Affairs
607 772-3532
Maureen M. Savona
Administrative Assistant I
607 772-3528


Student Affairs Offices are located in Binghamton in the Garvin Building on the Greater Binghamton Health Center campus.

Office of Student Admissions
SUNY Upstate Medical University

766 Irving Avenue
Syracuse, New York 13210
315 464-4570