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Financial Wellness

It’s not always easy living on a tight medical student budget, but there are tips and resources that can help you make wise decisions. It’s important to understand and have realistic expectations about what things cost, your needs vs. wants, and the long-term implications of student debt. 

The financial aid office at SUNY Upstate offers a financial literacy program that includes 1:1 financial counseling, financial literacy workshops and personal finance education. Please call (315) 464-4570 or email [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

Strategies for living frugally:

  • Live with a roommate (or several). This can lead to significant monthly savings
  • Cook at home. While convenient, dining out will drain your bank account in a hurry. It can be difficult to think about cooking when you’re tired or stressed about an exam; try preparing food in larger batches between clerkships and freezing meals into smaller portions
  • Buy in bulk and repackage if possible. A bulk pack of chicken might cost $1.99/lb while smaller packages might cost over $3/lb, one onion is much more expensive per pound than a bag of onions, etc. 
  • Shop second-hand stores for everything from clothing to furniture to kitchen items
  • Create a budget and stick to it. The AAMC Budget Worksheet is a great resource