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Binghamton Clinical Campus

The Binghamton Clinical Campus was established as a branch campus of the SUNY Upstate College of Medicine in 1976 and continues to host approximately 40 medical students each year for clinical clerkships and electives. 

Image is of the Health Sciences Building where the Binghamton Clinical Campus is located

The Binghamton campus fosters close working relationships with physicians in community-based (not Upstate-owned) clinical facilities, including the UHS Healthcare System, Ascension Lourdes, and private practices. Through Binghamton's longitudinal Family Medicine clerkship students are assigned to one physician office, for the duration of the third year. This unique experience is often a highlight of Binghamton Clinical Campus students' experience, allowing for stronger mentoring relationships with preceptors and continuity of care with patients. This program is equivalent to the block rotation family medicine clerkship in Syracuse.

During the summer of 2021, the Binghamton Clinical Campus moved to a new location within Binghamton University's Health Sciences Building. The space, just three blocks from UHS Wilson Hospital, provides many opportunities for inter-professional development with Binghamton University's Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Sciences students, convenient access to many clerkship sites, and modern facilities for learning. 

Meet some of the outstanding students and faculty at the Binghamton Clinical Campus through the With Distinction blog.


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Benefits to completing your clerkship year in Binghamton

Consistent, regular access to attendings. The intimate nature of the smaller facilities in Binghamton and the amount of direct one-on-one contact you’ll have with attending physicians provides excellent preparation for becoming an attending.

Front-line opportunities. Binghamton Clinical Campus students are frequently first assist in surgeries, delivering babies and more. Binghamton students also have excellent opportunities to establish personal relationships with the attending physicians who will write those critical letters of recommendation for residency applications.

Continuity of Care in Family Medicine. The concept of continuity of care is unparalleled at the clinical campus because of the family medicine rotation. For your entire clerkship year you will be placed with an attending physician in their office seeing their (and eventually your) patients.  Many program directors will be highly impressed with this unique yet innovative idea to prepare medical students for certain aspects of their residency. Most students find they really enjoy the family medicine rotation setup and welcome that half day per week to focus on continuity of care.

Front-Row Seat for Pathology. The intimate nature of your Clinical Campus experiences means you are often first in line for “weird” diagnoses. In Binghamton YOU are the one sifting through data and making a diagnosis before sending the patient to the tertiary care center. Your Binghamton Clinical Campus experiences will leave you well prepared for your shelf and USMLE Step 2 exams, as well as residency.

Clinical Clerkship Sites

Through its clinical affiliates, UHS Hospitals, Ascension Lourdes, and a network of family care centers, the Binghamton program offers nearly the same required clerkships as the Syracuse program. Major sites include:
  • UHS Wilson Memorial Hospital offers all of the advanced clinical services associated with a large, acute-care facility including a neonatal intensive care unit, Level II Trauma Center, cardiac center and Gamma Knife and CyberKnife technologies.
  • UHS Binghamton General Hospital includes a center for reconstructive surgery, a renal dialysis unit, a sleep disorders unit, psychiatric and substance abuse services.
  • UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital in Norwich, NY is a 138 bed community hospital where students may choose to complete surgery and/or Ob/Gyn clerkships.
  • Ascension Lourdes is the regional radiation center for cancer treatment and has a hospice program.

Selection of Students for the Binghamton Campus

All College of Medicine students complete their foundational science coursework at SUNY Upstate Medical University Syracuse campus. Approximately one-quarter of the entering class of 160 students will spend their clerkship - and possibly final - year at the Binghamton Clinical Campus. Soon after the admissions interview, each applicant is asked to indicate a campus preference for Syracuse, Binghamton, or no preference. The admissions committee reviews applications, blind to the campus preference. Upon acceptance to the College of Medicine, the applicant's preference will be taken into account and a campus assigned.

For information about admissions to the College of Medicine at SUNY Upstate please visit the Admissions website.

Binghamton Clinical Campus Location

The SUNY Upstate Binghamton Clinical Campus is located on the 5th floor of Binghamton University's Health Sciences Building, located at 48 Corliss Ave. in Johnson City, NY. Classes, subject exams and interprofessional education typically take place in this building.

Give to the Binghamton Clinical Campus!

Visit the Upstate Foundation, choose “other” and enter fund #045 to support programs of the Clinical Campus in Binghamton.