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About the Regional Trauma System


Central New York Regional Trauma Advisory Committee (RTAC)

The people of CNY enjoy geographic and seasonal diversity. Because of this, the pattern of traumatic injury in this area is as diverse as the region and it’s seasons.

Our trauma victims suffer various injuries ranging from motor vehicle collisions on snow covered roads through off-road mishaps while riding an ATV or snowmobiles across wooded trails. Skiing accidents can occur on a snowy mountain slopes or on the end of a boat speeding across one of our lakes.

Our regional providers care for victims of traumatic injuries in populated urban areas as well as a high amount of rural regions. Injuries may occur as result of factory or farm machine.

Regardless of the source of traumatic injury, the teams of trauma care providers from prehospital, to community hospital and trauma center work together to provide the finest trauma care available.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Central New York Regional Advisory Committee is to provide a framework for trauma care providers to educate providers and consumers, enhance communication among constituents, oversee implementation and evaluation of a regional trauma system and support a regional trauma system. The ultimate goal of this committee will be optimal trauma care and injury prevention services for citizens in Central New York.

As such these centers provide tertiary care of trauma victims throughout the region. Transfer protocols have been established, which delineate the duties and responsibilities of medical, nursing and pre-hospital support services within the trauma system.Â

Care Review

The regional trauma advisory committee provides a system for reviewing trauma patient care for completeness and compliance relative to regional protocols. Meetings are held on a quarterly basis or as needed.

For meeting dates & times contact:
Upstate Medical University Trauma Services, 315 464-4773 or [email protected]