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List of Regularly Scheduled Series

Regularly Scheduled Series Meets Frequency Contact
Advances in Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Fri Weekly 464-5740
Anesthesiology Grand Rounds Wed Weekly 464-4872
Cardiac Surgery  M&M Conference Wed Quarterly 464-6255
Cardiology Echo Conference Tue Weekly 464-4536
Cardiology EKG Conference Wed 3x/Month 464-4536
Cardiology Invasive Conference Mon Weekly 464-4536
Cardiology Journal Club Mon 2x/month 464-4536
Cardiothoracic Journal Club Wed Monthly 464-6255
Children's Feeding and Swallowing Program Fri Monthly 464-5819
Combined Toxicology Grand Rounds Thu Quarterly 464-7076
Eich Fellows-Braunwald Conference Mon 2x/month 464-4536
Endocrine Case Conference Thu Weekly 464-5740
GI Core Lecture Series Tue Weekly 464-5804
GI Oncology Working Group Mon Weekly 464-6292
Hematology/Oncology Lecture Series (Tues) Tue Weekly 464-8286
Hematology/Oncology Lecture Series (Wed) Wed Weekly 464-8286
Hematology/Pathology Conference Mon Weekly 464-8286
Infectious Disease Conference Wed Weekly 464-5815
Infectious Disease Case Conference Wed Weekly 464-5815
Infectious Disease Journal Club Wed Weekly 464-5815
Internal Medicine M&M Thu Monthly 464-4527
Medicine Chairman's Rounds Thu Monthly 464-4527
Medicine Power Rounds Thu Weekly 464-4527
MRI - Nuclear Imaging Fri Weekly 464-4536
Multi-D Breast Conference (Community Campus) Wed Weekly 492-5660
Multi-D Thyroid Tumor Board Wed Monthly 464-5726
Multidisciplinary Breast Conference Fri Weekly 464-5266
Nephrology Noon Conference Thu Weekly 464-5290
Neuroscience Grand Rounds Wed Weekly 464-5357
Oncology/Pathology Conference Wed Monthly 464-8286
Ophthalmology Grand Rounds Mon Monthly 464-8113
Ophthalmology Journal Club Tue Monthly 464-8113
Orthopedic Grand Rounds Wed Weekly 464-5226
Pathology Clinical Case Conference Tue Monthly 464-6780
Pathology Grand Rounds Wed Monthly 464-6780
Pathology Neuropathology Case Conference Thur Monthly 464-6780
Pathology Surgical Slide Conference Fri Monthly 464-6780
Pediatric Endocrine and Diabetes Conference Wed Monthly 464-5726
Pediatric Grand Rounds Wed Weekly 464-5451
Pediatric Hematology Oncology Tumor Board Tue Weekly 464-6133
Pediatric Trauma Process Improvement Mon Monthly 464-3693
Primary Care Grand Rounds (Community Campus) Fri Weekly 492-5551
Psychiatry Grand Rounds Thu Weekly 464-3120
Rheumatology Grand Rounds Thu Weekly 464-4194
Schwartz Rounds Tue Bi-monthly 464-5596
Surgery Grand Rounds Wed Weekly 464-4776
Surgery M&M Conference Wed Weekly 464-7261
Surgical Pathology Slide Conference Fri Weekly 464-4670
Thoracic Oncology MultiD Program Wed Weekly 464-3523
Thyroid Cancer Program Post Clinical Conference Fri Monthly 464-8224
Transplant Quality Meeting Fri Monthly 464-7324
Transplant Selection Committee Fri Weekly 464-7324
Trauma Process Improvement Fri Monthly 464-1577
Urology Grand Rounds/Case Conference Wed Weekly 464-4473
Urology -  GU/Onc Tumor Board Mon Weekly 464-4473