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Upstate employee and child playing with button toy

Developmental Disabilities

Description of research: Developmental disabilities are a broad category of conditions that are associated with impaired physical, language, cognitive, and/or behavioral development. Individuals with developmental disabilities may require specialized support to achieve positive clinical outcomes.

Faculty within Behavior Analysis Studies collaborate with faculty in

  1. Physical Therapy to identify developmental phenotypes within the first year of life that are predictive of autism spectrum disorder
  2. Pediatrics to develop effective and efficient treatment protocols for individuals who display challenging behavior during hospitalization, and
  3. Neuroscience and Physiology to better understand behavioral changes that accompany developmental disabilities like autism.

Relevant papers

None published yet

Relevant Faculty

Christina Alaimo, PhD

Christina Alaimo

Andrew Craig, PhD

Andrew Craig

Anne Reagan, PsyD

Anne Reagan

Henry Roane, PhD

Henry Roane

William Sullivan, PhD

William Sullivan

Erin Wentz, PT, PhD, PCS

Erin Wentz

Jason Zeleny, MS, BCBA

Jazon Zeleny