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For individual course descriptions, please visit the Academic Catalog

Summer Year 1 - (starts June): 8 weeks

Human Anatomy 9 cr
Professional Issues I 1 cr
Population Medicine 1 cr
EKG Interpretation 1 cr
Total Credit Hours: 12

Fall Year I (starts August): 15 weeks

General Medicine I 5 cr
Human Physiology I 3 cr
Clinical Pharmacology I 3 cr
Physical Diagnosis 2 cr
Diagnostic Studies for Health Care Providers 2 cr
Interviewing & Documentation 2 cr
Total Credit Hours: 17

Semester Break: 2 Weeks

Spring Year I (starts January): 16 weeks

General Medicine II 5 cr
Behavioral Science 3 cr
Clinical Pharmacology II 3 cr
Research Design & Evidence-Based Medicine 2 cr
Human Physiology II 3 cr
Advanced Physical Diagnosis 2 cr
Total Credit Hours: 18

Semester Break: 1 Week

Summer Year II Session I (starts April/May): 4 weeks

Pediatrics 2 cr
Professional Issues II 1 cr
Infection Control 1 cr
Master's Clinical Research I 1 cr
Total Credit Hours: 5

Summer Year II Session II (starts June): 8 weeks

Clinical Pharmacology III 2 cr
General Medicine III 3 cr
Clinical Procedures 2 cr
Clinical Decision Making 1 cr
Total Credit Hours: 8


Clinical rotations will primarily be scheduled in various rural or medically underserved communities throughout Upstate New York. During these four week clinical rotations, students are responsible for acquiring housing, as well as the expenses associated with housing and other living expenses.

Fall Year II (starts August)

Session II 16 weeks (4 rotations) + Master' Clinical Research II
Total Credit Hours: 17

Spring Year II (starts January)

Session I: 16 weeks (4 rotations) +1 week vacation + Master' Clinical Research III
Total Credit Hours: 17

Summer Year III (starts May)

Session I: 12 weeks (3 rotations) + Competency assessment
Total Credit Hours: 12

Total Credit Hours: 106


Master's Capstone Project

In addition to eleven clinical rotations, students must complete a Master's Capstone Project. For this project, students choose a relevant medical topic and conduct a literature search on this topic. Students will then submit a written report, and will present their topic in poster format to colleagues and physician assistant faculty.