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About This Program: MS

The Master’s program in Medical Technology provides advanced training to medical technologists. Master's students specialize in microbiology. Master's students also select a minor area of concentration in management/ supervision, education or basic science.

The Medical Technology (MS) degree provides students with the opportunity for professional advancement through acquisition of expanded knowledge and skills in microbiology.

Completion of the Medical Technology masters degree does not make graduates eligible to sit for the NYS Clinical Laboratory Technologist license.  Prospective students with bachelors degree in a field other that Medical Technology, who want to be eligible to sit for the NYS Medical Technology license should pursue the Medical Technology bachelors degree.

Work experience following completion of a bachelors degree in medical technology is NOT required prior to application to the masters program. 

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Q and A 

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What will a masters degree in medical technology do for me?

Your masters degree in medical technology will give you more in-depth knowledge in the area of microbiology. As technology progresses and more sophisticated testing becomes available to the clinical laboratory, you will have background information on the updated methodologies as well as insight into technologies on the horizon. An advanced degree will make you more eligible for promotions

How will I fit in my course work if I am working?

There is a part time option available for those individuals who are currently working a full time job. Webinar and recorded lectures may also be available for some of the didactic courses. With regard to thesis work, many times laboratory research can be conducted off hours.

I have a BS in biology; if I earn my masters degree in medical technology, where can I expect to find employment?

In order to work in a clinical laboratory in New York State, one must be eligible to sit for the licensing exam. Those who have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited medical technology program are eligible. Without licensure, one would be able to secure employment in certain research laboratories upon earning a master’s degree in medical technology.
If you are already a licensed medical technologist, earning a master’s degree in medical technology will strengthen your chances of acquiring specialty certification from the American Society of Clinical Pathology in microbiology. Some facilities may have an advanced degree requirement in order to obtain a supervisory position.