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Mission and Vision


Our mission is to provide a cost effective, streamlined pathway for students who need to enhance their academic credentials in preparation for a successful application to medical school. 


We see you diligently studying as a medical student. We see you caring for patients as a medical doctor. We see you in the laboratory as a scientist. If you share this vision but require an academic boost, join us in the Medical Preparation Academic Enhancement MS Program.

Learning Objectives

- Students gain a clinical laboratory perspective. Every discipline in medicine relies, in some way, on values derived from a laboratory. After completing our program, students will gain an understanding of many of these underlying principles.

- By understanding the function of the clinical laboratory, students will gain better perspective as a future clinician.

- In addition, students will take classes in biochemistry, pharmacology, physiology, cell biology, genetics.  All of these aspects coalesce in a thesis prepared and defended by the student as a culminating experience.

- Our program will both enhance their record to apply to medical school and offer a curriculum that will prepare for the anticipated rigors of medical school curriculum.


Dr. Aaron Glass
Dr. Aaron Glass
Program Director

Candice Gentile
Candice Gentile
Program Coordinator