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Who should apply for the MedPrep Academic Enhancement Program?

  • This program has been designed to assist applicants seeking admission to Medical School in enhancing their GPA, and thereby increasing their chances of acceptance.
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What is the recommended minimum MCAT score?

495 MCAT is recommended.

What is the recommended minimum GPA?

Minimum BCPM GPA of 3.0 (BCPM is all Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math courses taken as an undergraduate)

How much does the program cost?

Are there scholarships available?

What happens once I apply to the program?

Admissions is not rolling. Applications will all be reviewed after the application deadline and then interview invitations will be sent.  Students must be invited to interview.

What is a multi-mini interview (MMI) process?

The MMI is an interview format that uses many short independent assessments, typically in a timed circuit, to obtain an aggregate score of each candidate's soft skills.

Do I have to submit an AMCAS application?

Not to be considered for this program however, you must have in order to apply for the year after you expect to participate in this program (for example, someone applying for Fall 2024 for MedPrep would be recommended to apply for Fall 2025 to medical school through AMCAS).

For students accepted to the MedPrep program, how are they considered for Upstate College of Medicine?

Accepted students who have applied for the following year to Upstate College of Medicine through AMCAS will be presented by the MedPrep Team to the Admissions Committee in February after fall grades come out. Under consideration at this time are the AMCAS application, the interview from the MedPrep program, letters of recommendation, MCAT scores, and fall grades from the first semester of MedPrep. In order to receive an interview to the NCOM, the following criteria MUST be met:

  • First Semester MedPrep GPA- 3.50
  • MCAT- 500
  • CGPA MedPrep- 3.50

What percentage of MedPrep students get into medical school?

Our inaugural class that entered MedPrep was in Fall 2019 and 100% of that class were accepted to and started in medical school in Fall 2020.

Are there clinical opportunities in the program?

Not in the formalized sense, no.  However, as an academic medical center, we have many opportunities to get involved. Competitive applicants to MedPrep will have significant clinical experience already and we hope to focus on their academic enhancement primarily.

Does the MedPrep Academic Enhancement Program offer a application fee waiver:

If you have a FAP Waiver (AAMC Fee Assistance Program) OR are experiencing a hardship and can provide documentation, Please email that information to [email protected]

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