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About this Program

Medical Imaging Science professionals use a variety of complex technologies and computer applications to provide physicians with information for the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

These professionals have a high level of patient contact in which the use of interpersonal skills is critical. They work in hospitals, clinics, physician's offices, imaging centers, and industry. Avenues for career development include leadership roles as supervisors, administrators, educators, and researchers.

Our medical imaging sciences BPS programs educates students in the use of sophisticated equipment and procedures to:
  • Computed tomography scans (CTs) or
  • Magnetic resonance images (MRIs)

Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) Degree

This program is for students who are ARRT certified or certification eligible in radiography (X-ray), will have an associate's or bachelor's degree upon enrollment at Upstate, and the required prerequisite courses. Accepted students can pursue specialty education in CT or MRI.

Students enrolled in our BPS CT or MRI Bachelor’s degree programs must have passed the ARRT Radiography Certification Examination in order to be eligible to take the Post-Primary CT or MRI certification examination. Our graduates cannot take the Primary Pathway examination in MRI (there is no Primary Pathway examination offered in CT). Any graduate of our BPS CT or MRI BPS program who has not passed the Radiography board exam will not be eligible to become ARRT certified in CT or MRI.

The program prepares radiographers to practice as career entry CT or MRI technologists.

A bachelor of professional studies degree will be awarded as BPS Medical Imaging (CT) or BPS Medical Imaging (MRI).

Applicants to the CT or MRI tracks apply directly to MIS-BPS CT or MRI.  Applications open March of the year of entry, if space is available.

For information on individual state licensing requirements, please visit the State Licensing Requirements page.

Professional Resources

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists


It is the mission of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) to recognize individuals qualified in the use of both ionizing and nonionizing radiation to promote high standards of patient care in diagnostic medical imaging, interventional procedures, and therapeutic treatment.

American Society of Radiologic Technologists


The mission of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists is to give medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals the knowledge, resources and support they need to provide quality patient care.

ASRT achieves this mission by:

Developing useful educational materials for radiologic technologists and delivering them in innovative ways.

  • Strengthening professional standards.
  • Enhancing the profession's image and reputation.
  • Upholding the profession's code of ethics.
  • Promoting unity within the profession while respecting its diversity.
  • Supporting research and progress in the radiologic sciences. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if I apply to the BS program or the BPS program?

A: The BPS programs are for students who enroll having already earned an associate's or bachelor's degree and are ARRT certification or certification-eligibility in radiography. Basically, that means they have a background in X-ray. Those who aren't ARRT certified or certification-eligible in radiography with an associate's degree prior to enrollment apply to the BS program.

Q: Can I apply if I've already earned a bachelor's degree?

A: Yes.

Q: I'm a high school senior and I'm interested in attending your program. Can I apply?

A: Early Admission to the BPS-CT and BPS-MRI programs is not available.  However, high school seniors can apply for Early Admission to be considered for admission to Upstate's Medical Imaging/Radiography (X-ray) or Ultrasound, BS/BPS programs.  If admitted, a place will be saved in the class two years after their high school graduation, assuming the student has meet all the conditions of their acceptance letter. The deadline is March 1.

Q: What's the deadline to apply?

A: Applications for the Medical Imaging, BPS-MRI and BPS-CT programs will open in early March, only if space is available. If you're interested in being notified in March of whether we will have openings, please e-mail your name and the program you're interested in (BPS-MRI or BPS-CT) to [email protected], subject line: "Medical Imaging-BPS application notification."

Q: Can I apply to Medical Imaging/BPS-CT program and also Medical Imaging/BPS-MRI (or Ultrasound, BPS, or Radiation, BPS)?

A: Applicants can only have one active application at any time. If an applicant applies for one program and isn't admitted, they can then apply to another program if it's still accepting applications. Applicants would need to complete an application for the new program they're applying to and two new letters of recommendation.


Q: Are the Medical Imaging/BPS-CT or Medical Imaging/BPS-MRI programs offered online, during the evening or on a part-time basis?

A: The CT & MRI Program offers both an online program or on campus program. Online students will attend classes via our Student Learning System asynchronously, while attending clinical rotations during traditional day shift hours. On campus students classes and clinicals are during the day, Monday through Friday. Both the online and on campus programs are full time only.