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Curriculum for the Medical Biotechnology, BS Program

Full-time Program of Study

Our bachelor of science degree program in medical biotechnology takes two years (five semesters) and begins in the fall. 

Prerequisite: 60 semester hours in selected subjects

For individual course descriptions, please visit the Academic Catalog

Junior Year

The junior year of the program provides a strong foundation in medically-related science courses such as molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, and genetics.

Fall Semester Credit Hours
CHEM 355 Biochemistry  4
MEDT 308 Seminar in Medical Biotechnology 1
MEDT 350 Human Genetics 3
MEDT 351 Hematology 4
PATH 360 Pathology 3
Total 15
Spring Semester Credit Hours
MEDT 303 Immunology 3.5
ENGL 325 Professional And Technical Writing 3
CBHX 315 Health Care Ethics 2
BIOL 379 Cell & Molecular Biology 3
MEDT 360 Chemistry  5
Total 16.5
Summer Semester Credit Hours
MEDT 422 Medical Microbiology 6
Total 6

Senior Year

In the senior year, medical biotechnology students spend time in internships, in which they gain research experience under the supervision of a faculty research mentor in an academic or industrial laboratory. Internships may take place in research laboratories at SUNY Upstate Medical University or at one of our affiliate institutions (see Student Internships tab).

Fall Semester Credit Hours
MEDT 439 Applied Techniques in Medical Biotechnology 2
MEDT 445 Statistics in Laboratory Medicine 1.5
MEDT 454 Introduction to Molecular Methods 2
MEDT 522 Advanced Microbiology and Immunology 1
BIOL 451 Research Methods I 1
MEDT 460 Biotechnology Internship I 8
Total 15.5
Spring Semester Credit Hours
MEDT 419 Research Problem 3
BIO 414 Introduction to Molecular Bioinformatics 2
MEDT 455 Laboratory Operations 2
MEDT 444 Principles of Molecular Biology 1
MEDT 461 Biotechnology Internship II 9
Total 17

Total SUNY Upstate Medical University Program Credits: 70