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Office of Student Admissions and Financial Aid
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The following programs are currently offered in the College of Health Professions

Behavior Analysis Studies: MS

Behavior Analysts are licensed health-care professionals who provide therapeutic services for individuals with autism and related disorders. Service delivery might include conducting assessments of problem behavior or language deficits, developing treatments to reduce problem behavior and increase pro-social behavior, consultation, and caregiver training... Read more >

Clinical Perfusion: MS

A Clinical Perfusionist's work is a matter of life or death. People who succeed in this field thrive on excitement and stressful situations... Read more >

Medical Biotechnology: BS

The baccalaureate program in medical biotechnology is designed to educate students in the areas of molecular biology and aspects of clinical laboratory science that pertain to biomedical research and laboratory diagnosis. The objectives of this program are directly related to the central mission of SUNY Upstate Medical University, "to improve the health of the communities we serve through education, biomedical research, and health care"...
Read more >

Medical Imaging Science/Radiography (X-ray): BS, BPS

Imaging professionals use a variety of technologies and computer applications to help physicians diagnose and treat disease. The BS program in Medical Imaging takes two years (five or six semesters) and starts in the fall. Students rotate through clinical education settings in the Central New York region.


Medical Imaging Science/CT and MRI: BPS

The BPS programs for CT and MRI are for associate's degree or bachelor's degree prepared Radiographers (X-ray Technologists) to pursue specialty education in CT or MRI. Both BPS programs take one year (three semesters) and start in the fall.

Med Scholars Med School Prep: MS

SUNY Upstate Medical University's Medical Scholars Medical School Preparation Program offers the opportunity to earn a Master's Degree in Medical Technology in preparation for application to medical school. As a rigorous one-year program, the Med Scholars Med School Prep program gives students the opportunity to strengthen and cultivate their academic, clinical and analytical skills.

Medical Technology: BS,MS

People who succeed in Medical Technology enjoy science, love working in a lab, like careful, precise work, and do not need a lot of patient contact... Read more >

Physical Therapy: DPT

SUNY Upstate Medical University offers the Entry-Level Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy for those entering the field.

People who succeed in Physical Therapy enjoy working as part of teams in health care settings caring for people of all ages with a variety of health problems... Read more >

Physician Assistant: MS

People who succeed as physician assistants enjoy direct patient contact, have a passion for medicine, and embrace challenges. Physician assistants practice medicine with physician supervision in many settings and in many medical and surgical disciplines... Read more >

Radiation Therapy: BS, BPS

People who succeed in Radiation Therapy like working with others, are not uncomfortable with serious illness, and enjoy a fast-paced, high-tech environment... Read more >

Respiratory Therapy: BS

People who succeed as new graduate Respiratory Therapists enjoy using technology to manage breathing problems as well as working with patients and their families... Read more >

Ultrasound: BS, BPS

The Ultrasound (Bachelor of Science and Professional Studies) program takes two years (five semesters) and starts in the fall. Students rotate through clinical education settings in the Central New York region... Read more >