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Please note: We will be accepting applications in fall of 2023 for fall, 2024 enrollment.

Additional Program Site in Rochester

Students in Western New York can earn an Upstate Medical University Bachelor of Science degree in Respiratory Therapy through a new program at the campus of the Rochester General College of Health Careers (RGCOHC).

SUNY Upstate Medical University is offering a new opportunity at the Rochester General College of Health Careers, an affiliate of Rochester Regional Health, to help address the need for Respiratory Therapists in Rochester.  Students on the Rochester campus will be linked to the classrooms in Syracuse through two-way video conferencing for all of their first-year respiratory therapy courses.  First year students would also have laboratory instruction on the Rochester campus and clinical experiences in Rochester area hospitals.  We are currently affiliated with both of the major healthcare systems in Rochester (Rochester Regional and University of Rochester) for clinical rotations.   

Beginning in the fall of their second year, students would take some online courses as well as some blended courses.  Clinical education would continue in Rochester area hospitals and clinics. Students would be required to come to Syracuse periodically for blended courses.    

The program plans to accept up to ten students each year at the Additional Learning site on the RGCOHC campus.