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Micro-Credential in Post-acute Care

In addition to the BS program, we now offer a Micro-credential in Post-acute Care. Micro-credentials within the SUNY system are designed to verify, validate and attest that specific skills and/or competencies have been achieved. A digital badge is given upon completion of the required courses, signaling to employers, colleagues, and the public that you have gone "above and beyond" to help improve outcomes for your patients.

This micro-credential offers Respiratory Therapists who have completed an entry level program in Respiratory Therapy, or are currently practicing as a Respiratory Therapist, coursework to enhance skills in caring for patients outside of the acute care setting, with a primary focus on adults with chronic disease, especially COPD. Chronic lung disease continues to be a leading cause of morbidity and mortality, and therapists can be a great part of improving quality of life for these patients. Students currently enrolled in the BSRT program at Upstate may also enroll and may add the two elective courses to their regular Plan of Study.

Participants may enroll in any semester and will complete four 2-credit academic courses focusing on rehabilitation and home care (RESP 431), effective teaching (RESP 339), advanced disease management (RESP 442), and patient communication (RESP 441). All courses are online, overseen by Upstate Medical University RT faculty in coordination with many content experts. Course descriptions may be found in the course catalog. For more information on the micro-credential in Post-Acute Respiratory Care at Upstate Medical University College of Health Professions, contact admiss@upstate.edu.

Application process and deadlines

  1. Apply. Submit an application for the semester you wish to enter the program. This program does not also require the SUNY application. 
  • Spring term - Application opens July 15th.  Apply by November 1st. Application fee and transcript due by November 15th.
  • Summer term - Application opens January 15th. Apply by April 1. Application fee and transcript due by April 15th.
  • Fall term - Application opens April 15th.  Apply by July 1st.  Application fee and transcript due by July 15th.
  1. Application Fee. After the application is processed, an e-mail will be sent to you to pay the $50 application fee.