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Re-CCP = Becoming a Certified Perfusionist Again

Re-CPPSUNY is blazing a path for perfusionists to re-enter the career after a lapse in their certification.

Re-entry into a perfusion career is particularly difficult once ABCP certification has been lost. Individuals who have let their certification lapse must perform 50 clinical cases to become eligible to take the ABCP exam. It is often very difficult for these people to find anyone who will hire them without their certification and recent clinical work, and without the recent clinical work they can't take the exam.

High-Fidelity simulation is an essential element of a program that SUNY offers to develop a pathway for formerly certified perfusionists to become eligible to re-take the certification exam. In this program, individuals may enroll in several weeks of simulation training to refresh their skills and become reacquainted the clinical equipment and environment. Once a threshold level of proficiency has been documented in the simulation lab, the candidate can be sent on a clinical rotation to perform the required 50 cases needed to take the certification exam.