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Behavior Analysis Studies (BAS)
Program of Study

The program encompasses 3 semesters (12 months). The fall, spring, and summer semesters include didactic instruction, a practicum experience, and a capstone or thesis project. Didactic training includes coursework related to behavior-analytic treatments for autism, ethics, principles of learning, and single-subject research experimentation, among other topics. The practicum experience occurs during the summer semester at clinical sites that provide behavior-analytic therapy or medical care for individuals with autism and fosters collaboration with other healthcare professionals and students. Students complete a total of 250 contact hours in their practicum. During their second and third semesters of study, students also complete a capstone or thesis in which they conduct a literature review and develop a research question under the supervision of a BAS faculty member. Students may elect to conduct a study to answer their research question to produce findings that may be suitable for dissemination in a peer-reviewed journal.

Year 1

Fall Year 1 Credit Hours
ABAS 601 Basic Principles of Learning 3
ABAS 602 Ethics in Behavior Analysis 3
ABAS 604 Single-case Research Experimentation 3
Total 9
Spring Year 1 Credit Hours
ABAS 603 Behavior-change procedures: Selecting and Implementing Interventions for Autism 3
ABAS 621 Behavior Assessment 3
ABAS 625 Cultural Diversity in Applied Behavior Analysis 3
ABAS 691 Behavior Analysis in Capstone/Thesis 3
Total 12
Summer Year 1 Credit Hours
ABAS 606 Recordkeeping in Behavior Analysis 2
ABAS 645 Concepts and Principles in Behavior Analysis 3
ABAS 626 Personnel Supervision and Managment of Behavioral Interventions 3
ABAS 641 Practicum in ASD 3
Total 11


Program Credits

All Semesters Credit Hours
Total 32