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Articulation & Course Equivalency Guides

SUNY Upstate is an upper-division transfer and graduate college. Students in our bachelors programs complete a minimum 60 semester hours of prerequisite courses prior to enrolling. Students in our graduate degree programs complete prerequisite courses and a bachelor’s degree prior to enrolling.

The prerequisite courses are not taught at SUNY Upstate. Applicants take the prerequisite courses at another college prior to enrolling at Upstate. Applicants are able to attend the accredited college(s) of their choice to complete the prerequisites. Applicants who have questions about prerequisites may e-mail Student Admissions at admiss@upstate.edu. Please include the name of the program you are considering in any correspondence.

Below is a list of course equivalencies for various community, 2 year and 4 year colleges. Additional course equivalency guides will be added as completed.

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SUNY Upstate PrerequisiteCourse Equivalent
Anatomy Physiology I with labBIO 151: Anatomy and Physiology I
Anatomy Physiology IIBIO 152: Anatomy and Physiology II
Cell BiologyBIO 261: Cell and Molecular Biology
Human BiologyBIO 112: Human Biology
General Biology IBIO 141: Biology I
General Biology IIBIO 142: Biology II
MicrobiologyBIO 241: Microbiology
General ZoologyNo equivalent
GeneticsNo equivalent
General Chemistry ICHM 121: General Chemistry I
General Chemistry IICHM 122: General Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry ICHM 228: Organic Chemistry I
BiochemistryNo equivalent
General Physics IPHY 153: Physics I (Algebra based) or
PHY 221: College Physics I (Calc based)
General Physics IIPHY 154: Physics II or
PHY 222: College Physics II
English CompositionENG 123: College Composition
English ElectiveAny course with prefix: ENG or LIT
College AlgebraMAT 129: Algebra II with Trigonometry
Pre-CalculusMAT 167: Pre-Calculus with Analytical Geometry
Calculus IMAT 180: Calculus I
StatisticsMAT 126: Descriptive Statistics or
MAT 147: Statistics
Intro to Computer ScienceCIS 121: Introduction to Computers
PsychologyAny course with prefix: PSY
SociologyAny course with prefix: SOC
Social Science ElectiveAny course with prefix: ANT, ECO, HIS, POL, PSY, SOC
Medical TerminologyHEA 100: Medical Terminology

PLEASE NOTE: The course equivalencies have been developed by SUNY Upstate Medical University as meeting the prerequisite course requirements for programs within the College of Health Professions. To determine which classes you need, check the prerequisites for your intended program and match them up with the course equivalencies. Completing the prerequisites does not guarantee admission to SUNY Upstate or our programs. Some of the prerequisites may have prerequisites of their own that must be completed prior to enrolling in the course. It’s the prospective student’s responsibility to research this.

Prerequisites may be completed at any 2 or 4 year accredited college.

* Indicates colleges with which we have a 2+2 articulation agreement.  Please note that we don't require prospective students attend a college we have articulate agreement with and attending a college with which we have an articulation agreement doesn't increase the applicant's chances of admission.