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Reapplication Process

We encourage applicants who have previously applied to SUNY Upstate, and who were not admitted, to reach out to our admissions office for a post-advisement session to learn how to strengthen their application for re-applying. You can request an appointment by calling our office at 315-464-4570 or by emailing admiss@upstate.edu (please be sure to include the name of the program in the subject of your email). 

The application process is still the same for reapplying, as outlined below, but do hope to see an improvement in the quality of an application from one year to the next. 

As we are part of the State University of New York, applicants must fill out two applications: one for SUNY, the other for SUNY Upstate's College of Health Professions.

Those reapplying will need to submit:

  • A new College of Health Professions Application: Apply Online
    (please indicate the year of the previous application)
  • A new SUNY Application: Apply Online
    (for BS and BPS applicants only)
  • Two new Letters of Recommendation
  • Updated transcripts. Official college transcripts are required for any course work completed since the previous application. Previously submitted final college transcripts are transferable from the earlier application.