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Lab Members

Current Lab Members

Mira Krendel
Mira Krendel
Principal Investigator
Email: [email protected]

Sharon Chase
Sharon Chase
Senior Research Support Specialist
Research interests: KO mouse models to study Myo1e functions

Sarah Barger
Sarah Barger
PhD Student
Research interests: role of class I myosins in phagocytosis and cell motility

Eric Plante photo
Eric Plante 
PhD Student
Research interests: myosins and cancer

Pei-Ju photo
Pei-Ju Liu  
PhD Student Research interests:
Myo1e role in glomerular filtration

Mike photo
Mike Garone
MD/PhD student
Research interests: Myo1e role in podocyte functions

Former lab members


Diana photo Diana Perez
MS student
Research interests: MYO1E mutations in patients with kidney disease




Jessica (Ouderkirk) Pecone
PhD program graduate; currently scientist at Rheonix, Ithaca, NY

Jessica Pecone

Jing Bi Karchin
PhD program graduate; currently postdoc at UPenn

Jing Karchin

Chris Pellenz

Senior Research Support Specialist

Christina Encina

Graduated with M.S. degree in 2011. Congratulations!

Currrently serving at Keesler Air Force Base as the Chemistry/Hematology Officer-in-Charge of the Core Laboratory

Omosede Ighile

Graduated with M.S. degree in 2009; SUNY Ustate MD graduate; currently internal medicine physician

Karen Maass, PhD

Postdoctoral researcher, currently Research Assistant Professor, NYU School of Medicine

Dina Yangirova

Summer research student; currently medical resident, Dallas, TX

Clara Richardson

SURF student

Maria Presti

SURF student

Lindsay Stolzenburg

SURF student; currently PhD student at Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

Ellen Confer

SURF student

Nisha Acharya, MD

Medical resident; currently a practicing endocrinologist

Jiwan Thapa, MD

Medical resident; currently a practicing nephrologist