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In this movie, localization of GFP-tagged myo1e (green,) and RFP-tagged clathrin (red) at the site of endocytosis was examined using TIRF microscopy.

Experimental Methods


These are some of the experimental techniques commonly used in the lab:

  • Live cell imaging and analysis of dynamics of fluorescently tagged proteins.
  • Physiological characterization of renal functions in mice.
  • Mouse model of type I diabetes (streptozotocine-induced diabetes).
  • Histology, immunohistochemistry, and electron microscopic analysis of animal tissue samples.
  • Measurements of cell migration rates using wound-healing model and Boyden chamber migration assays.
  • Use of adenoviral vectors for recombinant protein expression and protein knockdown.
  • Protein-protein interaction assays (pulldowns, immunoprecipitation, yeast two-hybrid).
This time-lapse movie of wound healing was collected after scraping a monolayer of epithelial cells with a needle and allowing cells to migrate into the wound.