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Krendel Lab

Krendel Lab

Mira Krendel
Mira Krendel, PhD

Welcome to the Krendel Lab in the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology at SUNY Upstate Medical University.

Our lab studies physiological functions of myosin motors that move various cargoes along actin filaments. Ongoing projects in the lab include analysis of the role of myosin motors in endocytosis, contribution of myosins to kidney functions, and the role of myosins in regulation of cell migration and adhesion. These studies are aimed at elucidating the roles of myosins in human health and disease, including cancer, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease. For more information, visit the Research page.

Experimental approaches used in our lab include live cell imaging, adenovirus-mediated protein expression and knockdown, transgenic mouse studies, and protein-protein interaction assays.

Lab kidney day photo

Lab Kidney Day photo