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Research Gallery

Below are images from the current topics under investigation in the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology. For further information on these and related projects, visit the faculty and labs pages.

Stereocilia (red) and kinocila (purple) in a zebrafish neuromast
TIRF vs STORM imaging of actin (bluefire LUT) and microtubule (purple) interactions in Neuroblastoma-2A cells. Image credit: Morgan Pimm, Henty-Ridilla lab
Myelin sheaths (magenta) wrapping axons (blue) in the rodent brain
3D organoid culture of mouse mammary gland. Image credit: Weiyi Xu, Turner lab
Cell-cell junctions (green) and actin filament bundles (magenta) in the worm spermatheca
Differentiated oligodendrocyte, the myelin sheath forming cells of the CNS
Actin comet tails (magenta) emanating from sites of endocytosis (green) in live fission yeast cells. Image credit: Cameron MacQuarrie, Sirotkin lab
Actin filaments (red) and focal adhesions (green) in a kidney cell that is involved in filtering out toxic waste. Image credit: Jing Bi Karchin and Mira Krendel
Actin cytoskeleton in mouse tumor fibroblasts. Image credit: Greg Goreczny, Turner lab
Research of Jean Sanger, Ph.D. Confocal image of a projection of focal planes through a three day-old embryonic zebrafish heart (ventricle V and atrium A) showing the distribution of the forming myofibrils. Nuclei, stained with DAPI are blue.
Myelin sheath forming oligodendrocytes in the cortex of a mouse brain. Myelin protein labelling is in magenta and green. Image credit: Marie Bechler
Hair cells Mechanosensory hair cells in a zebrafish embryo Image credit: Peu Santra, Amack lab
Integrin (green) and alpha-actinin (magenta) in worm muscle. Image credit: Sumana Sundaramurthy, Pruyne lab
: Myosin-1 (red) at endocytic sites and eisosomes (green) in fission yeast
Zebrafish embryos. Image credit: Jeff Amack
A three-dimensional reconstruction of a renal filtration unit, called the glomerulus. Video credit: Sharon Chase and Mira Krendel