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Close up of a microscoping worm from the Pruyne lab

Cell and Developmental Biology

Joseph W. Sanger, Ph.D.
Joseph W. Sanger, PhD

Our research explores the molecular and biochemical mechanisms of cellular function and development. Students and faculty use a variety of research methods including sophisticated light microscopy, electron microscopy, tissue culture, stereotactic surgery, flow cytometry and a complete range of molecular and biochemical techniques.

Our educational programs serve both the medical educational curriculum for the medical degree, and graduate education leading to a doctoral degree in Cell and Developmental Biology. With our strong relationship with other departments within the medical school, and with Syracuse University, we offer a wide range of educational and research opportunities to fit student research interests.

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Cell and Developmental Biology
Weiskotten Hall
Rm. 1135,
766 Irving Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13210
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Name: Joseph W Sanger, PhD, Chair