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Consortium for Culture and Medicine

Contact: Zoreslava Osiv, MBA, CCM Coordinator
Phone: 315 464-2345
Email: osivz@upstate.edu

The Consortium for Culture and Medicine (CCM) is a cooperative interdisciplinary program of Le Moyne College, SUNY Upstate Medical University, and Syracuse University.

CCM is administered by co-directors from each of the three schools in cooperation with a committee of College and University administrators from the participating institutions.

Founded in 1978, CCM focuses on the cultural, ethical, social and psychological dimensions of medicine and health care by
  • offering accredited courses linking the humanities and social sciences to the practice of medicine and healthcare
  • sponsoring faculty seminars and community events
  • encouraging interdisciplinary research in health care

Faculty members from the three cooperating institutions represent academic disciplines such as anthropology, economics, health policy, history, law, literature, medicine, medical ethics, philosophy, political science, public health, psychology, social work, and sociology.