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The Extra Folder

screenshot of the extra folderThe _extra folder inside the Cascade asset tree was created to organize and manage the top menu for every site in Upstate's website.  It works by cataloguing the first level elements of each site, and then displaying then in the order they are organized as a drop-down menu.

For more information on how to re-order items in a menu see Reordering Pages.

Anytime a page is added to a site, there is the chance that it should end up in the top menu, especially if your site is not a very "deep" site, meaning not many levels of navigation.

It is also important to make your page(s) visibile on a mobile device since the mobile navigation is collapsed on initial viewing, and when expanded, the top menu and all the pages under are navigable.

Publishing the _extra folder is just as simple as publishing any folder in Cascade: select the folder and click Publish, or right-click on it and click Publish from the menu.

Important points to remember

  • When you are working on pages, or have pages created, but they are not yet finished, you may wish to NOT publish the _extra folder because the links to the pages will be made visible, even if the pages are not yet published. This would result in a 404 Not Found error which we try to avoid as much as possible.
  • Editing the display name of any page that displays in the drop-down menu means the _extra folder must be published again to reflect the new name.