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Transitions of Care

i.  UH Consult

When a patient is seen either on consults or on call, the fellow will document this in EPIC.

  • In EPIC right click on the patient name and add yourself to the patient’s care team.
  • These patient’s will be listed in the ‘all my patients’ tab.

The fellow will print the list and give it to the person they are signing out to.  Pertinent details and things to be followed up on will be noted on the list.

ii.  UH CCU

For the CCU, the fellow will pull the list of the patients showing under the attending and print that list and hand it over to the oncoming fellow, with pertinent details and things to be followed up on.

iii.  VA Clinical

The VA consult fellow maintains a paper list. The list is discussed with the on call fellow.  In the morning, the on call fellow hands off the list to the VA Clinical fellow with an update.

Division of Cardiology Fellowship Curriculum Revised June 2016:19-20