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Duty Hours

Duty hours must be limited to 80 hours per week. Fellows are provided with 1 day in 7 free from all educational and clinical responsibilities. Adequate time for rest and personal activities is provided, consisting of a 10-hour time period provided between all daily duty periods and after house call. Duty hours will be logged by the fellow into MedHub daily.

Cardiology fellows are considered to be in the final years of education.

In unusual circumstances, fellows may remain beyond their scheduled period of duty or return after their scheduled period of duty to provide care to a single patient. Justifications for such extensions of duty are limited to reasons of required continuity of care for a severely ill or unstable patient, academic importance of the events transpiring, or humanistic attention to the needs of the patient or family. Such episodes should be rare, must be of the residents’ own initiative, and need not initiate a new ‘off-duty period’ nor require a change in the scheduled ‘off-duty period.’ Under such circumstances, the fellow must appropriately hand over care of all other patients to the team responsible for their continuing care, and document the reasons for remaining or returning to care for the patient in question and submit that documentation to the program director. The program director must review each submission of additional service and track both individual fellows’ and program-wide episodes of additional duty.

Upon completing at-home night call, if a fellow is feeling fatigued due to remaining beyond their scheduled period of duty, the fellow is to contact the Cardiology Fellowship Administrator.

Any fellow nearing 80 hours or feeling fatigued will be pulled from their rotation. A fellow on a nonclinical rotation is pulled from their scheduled rotation to relieve call fellow from their clinical duties for 10 hours of rest time.

If fellows are called in after midnight they are to notify the Fellowship Program Administrator and they are not to report that day for their scheduled rotation. The attending on their day rotation will be notified and coverage will be arranged per availability of other fellows on nonclinical rotations.