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Cancer Types: Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is treated in our Neuro-Oncology Program within the Upstate Cancer Center.

For more information or answers to your questions about our Cancer Care, please call 315 464-HOPE (4673) to speak with an Upstate Cancer Center representative.


Library resources related to brain cancer.

For more information:

Internet Links
The detailed guide includes descriptions of the causes, risk factors, prevention, diagnosis, staging, and treatments of brain cancer in adults.
Risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and more from UpToDate.
A detailed description of brain cancer from the Mayo Clinic, including symptoms, risk factors, causes, treatments, and prevention.
Link to a search of the MedlinePlus database for health information on bladder cancer. MedlinePlus links are managed by medical librarians at the National Library of Medicine.
Information about medical care for brain cancer from the National Cancer Institute, including information on diagnosis and staging, treatment and rehabilitation, and taking part in research studies.