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Training Programs

Post-doctoral Fellowship in Cancer Research

SUNY Upstate Cancer Center postdoctoral training fellowship program (PFP) provides opportunities for talented post-doctoral scientists to obtain world-class preparation for a career in cancer research, including basic, translational, and clinical research in cancer biology, therapeutics, prevention, and public health. The Cancer Center PFP will support qualified candidates for post-doctoral training with our faculty members who participate in one or more of our Research Programs.

SUNY Upstate is the only university in the Central New York region offering medical, nursing, allied health professions and graduate schools dedicated to biomedical research. SUNY Upstate offers a unique training program as well as state-of-the-art core facilities that will facilitate the acquisition of unrivaled expertise in cancer research.

Candidate qualifications and recruitment

Applicants must not be currently employed at SUNY Upstate and should be doctoral students close to degree completion or postdocs having received their doctoral degree within the last three years. External applicants can apply directly or be sponsored by a CC member who is interested in becoming the candidate's advisor. Applicants will be expected to apply for extramural funding, including NIH awards (F32 fellowships and K series) or other extramural sources of support. Preference will be given to US citizens and permanent residents, although international postdocs with strong qualifications are highly encouraged to apply. Advertising and recruitment will be coordinated by the Office of Post-Doctoral Affairs and the Cancer Center. Applicants will have access to a list of PIs with current openings and their respective research projects. During the application process, candidates should identify their preferred host laboratory as well as alternative labs. The CC-PFP committee will screen applicants and approve the best applicant/PI matches based on merit and the likelihood of achieving the CC goals for training in cancer research.

Contact: [email protected]

Faculty Sponsoring Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Postdoctoral Fellowship Program offers up to two years of 50% salary support for extramural postdoctoral applicants who will pursue cancer-related research projects at SUNY Upstate.

Principal Investigators interested in hiring postdoctoral researchers with support from this Program must provide a short description of their research projects and demonstrate that they have sufficient funding to cover at least 50% of a postdoctoral salary (NIH scale) and benefits for two years.

Postdoctoral awardees will be expected to complete their two-year training under supervision of the Principial Investigator without interruption due to loss of funding.

Sponsor a Postdoctoral Fellowship

Available Fellowship Programs

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Cancer Research Program (SURF CR)

The SURF-CR program is a special pathway and admission option funded by SUNY Upstate's Cancer Center. This initiative is aimed at exposing undergraduates to basic, clinical, and translational cancer research, especially those students who are interested in pursuing a PhD (or MD/PHD) in cancer-related fields. Prospective fellows will apply alongside traditional SURF students. Accepted fellows will have the opportunity to train in one of several cancer center laboratories with specialties that include

  1. cancer biology and genomics,
  2. cancer prevention, detection, and diagnosis, and
  3. cancer treatment and developmental therapeutics.

The remaining requirements and events are the same as those for their fellow SURF peers.

Norton College of Medicine Summer Fellowship Program

First year Medical Students can apply to the College of Medicine Summer Fellowship Program, an 8-week paid research opportunity during the summer between years 1 and 2 of medical school. The Upstate Cancer Center Research Program awards several fellowships annually with a $3,500 stipend to conduct mentored summer research on campus with Upstate Faculty. In addition to this Fellowship, there are other Fellowship and Award opportunities for medical students are available through Foundations and other external programs.

For more information, contact the Office of Medical Student Research at by e-mail [email protected].

Norton College of Medicine Summer Fellowship Program