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Become A Member of the Cancer Center Research Program (CCRP)

Cancer Center members will be selected for their accomplishments in cancer research or healthcare; their sustained and productive record of research or clinical work in cancer; and their commitment to work together as part of the scientific community at SUNY Upstate, neighboring and collaborating institutions.

Membership Levels

Full Membership

Research and clinical faculty at SUNY Upstate Medical University only. Full members must be tenured or tenure-track faculty at SUNY Upstate Medical University who can be identified as Principal Investigators for clinical or basic science research. Non-tenure track faculty will be considered for full membership according to their track record of research and/or clinical work in cancer.

Affiliate Membership

Faculty and clinical staff at other institutions. Affiliate members from other academic institutions must be tenured or tenure-track faculty at their respective institutions and have similar qualifications to full members. Applicants from institutions that do not have a tenure track equivalent will be considered according to their track record of work in cancer. Applicants for affiliate membership shall be sponsored by a full member in good standing at the time of their application.

Trainee Membership:  

Category for clinical residents, fellows, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students at SUNY Upstate Medical University. Trainees must be sponsored by a Full Member of the Cancer Center that can act as training advisor. Trainees must provide details of their current training program and their cancer-related research activities.

All applications will be reviewed by the CCRP Membership Committee for revision and approval. Approved applications will be added to the membership roster of the Cancer Center and will be communicated to the research program directors. Applicants will receive a formal communication notifying them of their acceptance and inclusion in their chosen research programs, their privileges and expectations of membership.

Promote Your Research

The Cancer Center Research Programs are always looking for exciting images and research updates from our members to post on our website and social media. If you would like to contribute images or updates, please click the button below.


Faculty Sponsoring Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Postdoctoral Fellowship Program offers up to two years of 50% salary support for extramural postdoctoral applicants who will pursue cancer-related research projects at SUNY Upstate.

Principal Investigators interested in hiring postdoctoral researchers with support from this Program must provide a short description of their research projects and demonstrate that they have sufficient funding to cover at least 50% of a postdoctoral salary (NIH scale) and benefits for two years.

Postdoctoral awardees will be expected to complete their two-year training under supervision of the Principial Investigator without interruption due to loss of funding.

Sponsor a Postdoctoral Fellowship

Full Members

  • Xiaoran Hu, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor, Chemistry

    Syracuse University
    Lab Website