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Dr. Scalzetti

Lung Cancer Screening Program

Michael Archer, DO
Medical Director
Ernest Scalzetti, MD
Chief of Chest Radiology
For information, call: 315 464-7460
Location: 550 Harrison Street, Suite C
Syracuse, NY Map & Directions

The best hope for curing lung cancer is finding it as early as possible. A lung CT scan takes just 20 seconds. The scan can detect tiny spots (also known as nodules) on your lungs years before they would ever be seen on a regular chest x-ray. These tiny nodules may be signs of early lung cancer.

The Upstate Cancer Center and the Upstate Radiology Department are offering a lung cancer screening program for current and former smokers with these requirements:

  • 50-80 years of age
  • Current or former smoker of at least one pack per day for 20 years or equivalent
  • If you have quit smoking, it must be within the last 15 years.

Most insurance plans should cover the cost of this screening.

Contact your primary care physician for a referral.

Participants in the Lung Cancer Screening Program receive:

  • A low dose CT scan performed at our American College of Radiology Accredited Center
  • Free parking at the scanning location (550 Harrison Center)
  • A professional reading and interpretation of the findings by a dedicated Chest Radiologist, certified by the American Board of Radiology
  • Free tobacco cessation counseling as part of every screening visit
  • Referrals to other medical professionals as well as access to Upstate's Multidisciplinary Thoracic Oncology Program if anything worrisome is noticed on your scan
  • Yearly scheduling reminders to you and your physician