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Dynamic Targeting IGRT

What is Dynamic Targeting IGRT?

Dynamic Targeting IGRT improves radiation treatment delivery accuracy in its ability to perform daily imaging of the tumor.

Dynamic Targeting IGRT uses images taken just before treatment to pinpoint any changes in the location of the tumor. These changes may be caused as a reaction to the therapy, weight loss, organ movement due to bowel changes or simply from breathing.

University Hospital uses Varian Medical Systems' On Board Imager mounted on robotic arms to perform daily CT, fluoroscopic or high quality x-ray images. These images are computer matched to the original planning images to see if the tumor has shifted. Within seconds calculations determine tiny movements needed to align the tumor perfectly with the radiation beam. Any corrections are automatically made by adjusting the position of the patient on the treatment couch before treatment. These changes may be as small as 1-2 millimeters and that is exactly the level of precision we aim for. IGRT allows our experienced team to deliver the safest, most accurate radiation therapy possible.

IGRT Positioning