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Tobacco Cessation - Woman breathing fresh air outside

Respiratory Therapy & Tobacco Cessation

To make an appointment to talk to someone about the Tobacco Cessation Program, please visit the main Tobacco & Vaping Cessation at Upstate program page.

Respiratory Therapy & Tobacco Cessation

Respiratory Therapy and Tobacco Cessation services assists by providing individual, in-person or phone counseling and support groups to help you and your family members become tobacco-free. Many of these programs are available at no cost to anyone in your family looking to quit.

More detailed information is available on Upstate's Tobacco Cessation website.

Respiratory Therapy and Tobacco Cessation at Upstate Cancer Center

Watch this video to learn how our Respiratory Therapy and Tobacco Cessation Team can help you.

Merry Speicher

“The Tobacco Treatment Program at Upstate taught me how to breathe without a cigarette in my mouth.”

- Merry 

Through Theresa’s coaching and patience, Merry learned how to cope with stressors and breathe through urges to smoke, talk herself out of smoking, cope in social situations without a cigarette, walk away from a setting that could potentially trigger her to smoke, and, most importantly, learned that you’re not a failure if you slip up.

Tobacco Cessation Staff