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social worker with patient

Social Work

What We Do

Our social workers are licensed professionals who can help you and your family deal with the stresses of cancer by:

  • Empowering and providing the necessary support services to manage the emotional, financial and social needs of dealing with cancer
  • Acting as a bridge to the medical care team
  • Offering education and training programs to both patients and their families to cope with various stressors.

Community Resources/Services

Our social workers provide a variety of services and information and can help identify appropriate community resources including:

  • Emotional support
  • Agencies and programs to assist with insurance issues including co-pay relief, patient assistance programs for uninsured or underinsured, Medicare Part D insurance, or EPIC
  • Social Security programs such as SSI and SSD and how to apply
  • Home healthcare and infusion agencies
  • Durable medical Equipment (DME) and supplies
  • Hospice information and referrals
  • Residential programs and nursing facilities
  • Temporary housing during treatment period
  • Advance Directives such as Health Care Proxy
  • Legal aid
  • Public assistance programs
  • Coordination with inpatient services
  • Special programs for caregivers, children, and other family members
  • Seminars, workshops and disease specific resources
  • Survivorship challenges

To Talk with Us

Appointments are not necessary, but are encouraged to help prevent a long wait. Often, we are also able to accommodate you by having a phone conversation rather than an office visit.