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physical therapist with patient


The Upstate Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department has developed a program based on the latest evidence to assist cancer survivors reduce the physical effects of disease and treatment during and after all forms of cancer treatment.

Therapy services are provided by experienced Physical and Occupational Therapists in all of our outpatient offices. Each patient receives an initial evaluation which includes a discussion about symptoms, functional limitations and individual goals. Based on the evaluation, a personalized plan for treatment is developed.

Goals of Rehabilitation

  • Improve and prevent loss of muscle strength
  • Improve and prevent loss of aerobic capacity
  • Decrease pain
  • Limit bone loss through weight bearing exercise
  • Improve balance and decrease falls/risk for falls
  • Improve general function
  • Decrease fatigue
  • Improve ability to perform activities of daily living and self care tasks
  • Provide/suggest adaptive devices to improve performance of activities of daily living
  • Prevent/manage lymphedema