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Dr. Upadhyaya Prashant in the operating room

Surgical Treatment of Breast Cancer

Generally, the first treatment for most breast cancers is a surgical procedure. Additional treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation, are often based on the outcome of the surgical procedure.

Some of the information that your doctors will consider as you decide what is best for you include:

  • Type of breast cancer
  • Size of the tumor (especially in relation to the size of your breast)
  • Where the tumor is located in your breast (sometimes a lumpectomy is more difficult to do if a tumor is too close to, or involving the nipple or chest wall)
  • Whether or not you have more than one tumor in the breast
  • History of prior cancer in the affected breast
  • History of radiation treatments to the affected breast
  • Other medical conditions that might make radiation difficult

These factors, and others, are considered as you and your doctors decide what is best for you.

For more information, please visit the Health Information Center's Breast Cancer Center. Information about surgical procedures can be found under Diagnostic and Surgical Procedures.